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At Innovision Coaching we focus on building relationships with clients to advance their growth as we collaborate through their journey.

What matters to us when we work with you?

  • Commitment​

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Collaboration

  • FUN!


At Innovision Coaching we work with our clients to help them achieve their success, whatever that may be.

Our mission is to inspire you to achieve your goals; to jump over whatever obstacle or challenge you may be facing or is blocking you from moving forward. We work with  solution-focus and design thinking methodology as part of our toolkit for success. 


When you work with us, you are not the only one benefiting from our support and expertise, a percentage of our fees goes to our Celebrate Your Potential program. A life-coaching program designed for victims of domestic violence. Click here to learn more about this program. 

Design Your Life

  • Understand yourself

  • Uncover the better version of you

  • Reinvent yourself

  • Design a life that works for you

Working Innovation

  • Learn & live design thinking

  • Unlock the creativity in your team

  • Empower your teams' productivity

  • Create Minimum Viable Solutions in 1 day


Need help to move forward? Coaching is all about supporting you as you achieve the goals and changes you have CHOSEN for yourself. A coach is someone that is there for you to:

  • Provide a safe space for you to say and share what you think and want without judgment

  • Be your partner as you embark in a journey of transformation

  • Challenge you and help you step out of your comfort zone to the place where transformation happens

  • Teach you the tools you’ll need to use as you make your change long-term and sustainable


If you are an extrovert, this program is for you! Are you the type of person that moves forward faster and more confidently in a community setting? Like to share your learning and re-energize by being in a group? Join our local or remote group coaching sessions.
These sessions are perfect for people looking for:

  • A community to support them through their transformation

  • Accountability partners

  • A space to share thoughts in an open, safe space

  • A space where you can choose when to share


Running a conference or internal event related to Innovation, Design Thinking or similar topics? Let us support you. Our speakers will provide:

  • Information by sharing insights and tools related to the topic

  • Inspiration to get your audience moving in the direction of ACTION

  • Motivation to help your audience connect to its purpose and walk away with more clarity

  • Transformation that gifts your audience with the feeling of empowerment

All speaking engagement include a treat for the audience: a mini coaching session at the end of the speech. The audience members walk away with either a self-created plan, tips or proposed next steps.


Need help generating more ideas and/or minimum viable solutions? Let our innovation coaches help you:

  • Identify and Define the actual problem

  • Choose the right questions to help you empathize with your customers/stakeholders

  • Design realistic, yet imaginative, solutions that can be tested quickly

  • Create prototypes that are effective, tested and -- most important – low cost (time and money)

Sprints can run from four hours to five days. Reach out to us to decide the most suitable time frame for you.


Ready to learn what design thinking is and how to use it? Our training is designed to:

  • Help you understand what Design Thinking is so you and your team can use it properly

  • Clarify when and how to use Design Thinking effectively

  • Practice the methodology with real use cases during the training session

  • Give feedback on the spot so you walk away with more clarity

  • Guidance on how to introduce the methodology to your teams

This is a two-day workshop for a maximum of 12 participants.


Want to help someone reinvent and redesign his/her life? Our Celebrate Your Potential sponsorship program gives you the chance to support a domestic violence victim/survivor take part in our 10-week life coaching program.
The program is designed to empower survivors to:

  • Uncover the independent human in them

  • Use design thinking to transform their lives

  • Stay in action as they start their new journeys

  • Become active citizens in the community – pay it forward

  • Experience life coaching at no cost to them

10 weeks programs are available for (I’d put the price here) purchase. You can choose to be an anonymous or named sponsor.



Our founder and leader Ibeth, a domestic violence survivor,  is passionate about giving back to our community and expanding across borders. 

She is an active volunteer at local shelters for women and has founded Celebrate Your Potential, a program designed to provide victims of domestic violence the opportunity to experience coaching at no cost to them. This is possible through the sponsorship of our customers, like you. 

Our business is set-up in a way that a percentage of your fees goes towards funding the program. This makes it possible for us to cover expenses and fees for our coaches to travel and provide the sessions to victims in our program.

We are currently providing this program to shelters in Canada, US and Mexico. The purpose of the program is to support clients during their stay, as they transition into their new lives and as they begin to set out in the world again.   

What the program offers the clients:

  • During their stay at the shelter

    • A space to think about their goals 

    • Time to allow them to clarify their next steps

    • A sense of freedom

  • Once they transition out into their new homes:

    • An opportunity to continue to focus on the future​

    • Support during this big change



Working with Ibeth was a real pleasure and a very valuable experience for our company. Ibeth knows a lot when it comes down to leadership and intercultural management. She also opens up on a personal level and makes you feel very well taken care off. Creating concepts, improving the work flow and making a whole process more efficient is one of her core strengths with which she helped us several times. She really gets involved to understand what the client wants and needs.  Working with her knowing that we help others is a great plus. Truly recommend working with her. 

Daniela Lachmann and Christiane Riedel  / HR Team / Roland Berger

 An innovation coach was essential, because it helped the team members think of different ways in solving problems and deciding new paths that could be taken in the project.

 An innovation coach provided me with tools that helped me think in different ways of solving problems when difficulties were encountered.

Felipe Bastos / IRB Brasil Re

 A coach cannot help you with your limitations and weaknesses if you do not tell them and you won't tell them unless there is trust and honesty. Ibeth makes it easy to trust her and be honest with her, which makes all the difference.

Bejay Cleary / msg global solutions UK

Working with Ibeth as an innovation coach was an interesting, refreshing, and eye opening. In the design-thinking and agile world of innovation, time pressures and team collaboration create stresses that build up if they aren’t addressed. In this environment it’s easy to lose focus on the result. Ibeth’s coaching helped the team re-focus on multiple occasions, sort out issues that were causing roadblocks during our innovation journey, and ultimately brought the team closer together.

Adam / KPMG




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